The Woods Law Firm

About Us

The Woods Law Firm is a statewide South Carolina practice.

We founded our law firm in 1997, based on the premise that we would fight to uphold any and all legal rights that our clients are afforded under U.S. law. We focus our practice in two areas only — criminal defense and personal injury.

To better serve our clients, we have several offices throughout the state, including our main office which is located in Greenville and Greer, South Carolina. We also have offices in Columbia, South Carolina, and Beaufort, South Carolina — which are available by appointment.

About Our Founder - Freddy Woods, Esq.

Freddy Woods is an experienced attorney who has handled hundreds of civil and criminal trials. A seasoned trial lawyer with extensive courtroom experience, Mr. Woods has successfully defended many criminal and civil trials, as well as personal injury cases and technology-related business transactions.

Before entering private practice, Mr. Woods served as a CBCF Fellow to Congressman James Clyburn D-SC, (Currently Majority Whip) in the United States House of Representatives.

Mr. Woods has also worked under the Honorable Donald Beatty, (Currently Associate Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court) as a law clerk, before making his transition to the law firm of Lowery, Thompson, and King in Anderson, based in South Carolina.

For over a decade, Attorney Woods served as “of counsel” to law firms in Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Georgia, working on various litigation cases and technology business matters.

Having served as chief counsel, of-counsel or co-counsel in several extremely high-value cases in the State of South Carolina, Mr. Woods also takes the time to volunteer and help children who are caught in the juvenile justice system.

Choosing to represent these children on a “pro-bono” or “free of charge” basis, Mr. Woods believes that it’s crucial all children are given the opportunity and guidance to enable them to lead productive lives. He is passionate about helping children in his home state of South Carolina become success stories — rather than sad statistics.

Mr. Woods has been featured as a guest commentator in the media, giving his respected opinion on both legal and political issues. He has also been invited as a guest lecturer at various local universities and colleges. A political fundraiser and a social and economic activist, Mr. Woods has served on the boards of multiple charities through the years. He has also acted as an executive board member and treasurer on the board of the redevelopment authority, an agency which provides affordable housing to low-income families.

In his spare time, Attorney Woods has a passion for travel, having visited over 42 countries on 4 different continents. He is also multilingual, speaking fluent English and Portuguese as well as being conversational in Spanish.

Mr. Woods truly believes that “Everyone has value, — believe in yourself and your power to make a difference in the world. Wake up to each day thankful for each new day and the opportunity that it brings and treat each new friend you meet as a gift from God.”